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SK-GLOBAL is an IT Enterprise invested in cooperation between Japan and Vietnam, specializing in developing and trading Company’s IT Solution. Together with our talent staffs, we always improve and try our best to bring new products which are able to serve the daily life of people.


  • NEW


    Share Shopping Basket - Efficiently shopping with shasket
  • NEW

    3D Geometry

    Easier and more interesting 3D Geometry learning experience - Now it is not a nightmare anymore!
  • NEW

    Glass On

    Tryon 3D virtual glasses real time right on your mobile phone
  • BETA

    Robot Receptionist

    Have you ever try to have conservation to a Robot to order a drink? It’s not fiction, it’s possible with Cafe Receptionist Robot
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    A whole system allow 2 ways communication by Voice between Robot and Client to take drink order.
    Café Robot Receptionist

    Development: Whole system

    Techical: Android + Swift + DynamicDB + NodeJS

    Release: soon on April 2018


    ●  A whole system allow 2 ways communication by Voice between Robot and Client to take drink order. Once Robot confirm to User about the order, it will send Order to the system for the next preparation
    ●  You can also chat some small talk to Robot for killing time while wait for making drink. One speciality that Robot can understand and speak by Vietnamese.


  • Work

    AR Checkin

    How about drawing in 3D environment by smartphone to check in. Cool!
  • BETA

    Meetat Saigon

    Professional site for searching and holding event
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    Meetat Saigon project

    Professional site for searching and holding event
    Meetat Saigon project

    Pakage: Web Application

    Development: Angular 4 + NodeJS + MongoDB

    Beta release: meetat-saigon.com


    Meetat Saigon is a web site allow you to search Event, join to Community to follow up their Event or even do it all by yourself.
    All you need about Event can find at Meetat Saigon


    Project Images


  • Work

    Marika Café

    Solution to manage coffee shop
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    Marika Cafe Page

    A lightweight solution for Coffee shop management.
    Marika Cafe Page project

    Pakage: Full Solution

    Development: iOS, React Native, NodeJS, MongoDB

    Homepage: http://marika.cafe


    A lightweight solution for Coffee shop management. Solution allow shop Owner can:

    ●   Create and Edit menu dynamically by Admin site
    ●   Input Order by Ipad and manage Order by Admin site
    ●   Assign Promotion to User and confirm by scanning QR Promotion code from User application
    ●   Manage Cash, Stock, User management by Admin site
    ●   Making report and receive daily report by mail.

    Next Plan

    Insert VOICE CONTROL to receive Order from Receptionist Robot

    The Architecture


    Menu Application

    ●   Dynamic menu.
    ●   Auto sync data from Server.

    Cashier Application

    ●   Allow input order.
    ●   Scan promotion code.
    ●   Update server.


    Client Application

    ●   Store promotion code.
    ●   Manage history of consume.

    Admin Site

    ●   Admin can set menu, view order.
    ●   Create promotion campaign.
    ●   User management, cash management, stock management.
    ●   Making report ... from web site.


    Cloud Server

    ●   All data are sync on cloud server.
    ●   No dedicate hardware require.
    ●   Also auto sending daily report mail to owner.

  • Work

    Web FX Chart

    Rich web library to drawing Foreigner Exchange chart
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    Web fx chart page

    Web FX Chart is javascript library allow you to create a very rich of Foreign Exchange Chart.
    Web fx chart project

    Pakage: Library

    Development: Javascript

    Demo Link: http://fxchart.sk-global.biz


    As end user you can customize a lot of Chart setting like theme, line setting, … through very rich GUI setting and then able to print, save and reload for nest time using.
    As developer, since library is written by pure Javascript library, you will not worry about incompatible to your framework, it’s work on all Frontend framework.

    Chart GUI customization is easy
    with rich GUI

    Change background color, line color
    Change line style
    Show/Hide specific line
    Add/Remove technical line view port


    Data import by many ways

    By Text
    By GUI
    By File
    Or try our built in data Simple

    Data export to many type

    Print your Chart? Just export as Image type

    Open Chart as the same status as the last Customization? Just export as Chart info type and import to reload later

    Embed specific Chart to web? Just export as Source code, and then embed pure javascript source to your site



    Build on top of this application is a very powerful Chart engine. Chart engine is written by 100% pure Javascript, it mean it’s able to embed to any kind of front end Web platform.

    To make your chart alive with Live data, full right of Customization or Embed directly to your web page, please contact to us: sale@sk-global.biz. We will consult and customize your chart as much as you want. At first please try on with Demo version: http://fxchart.sk-global.biz.

  • Work

    Scan & Go

    Pick Up stuff in supermarket by just scanning barcode
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    Scan and Go

    Why we need to hold heavy stuff at super market, all you need to scan and go.
    Scan & Go

    Pakage: IOS Application

    Development: Swift


    Why we need to hold heavy stuff at super market, all you need to scan and go. Your selected stuff will be recorded and pick up later with the application.

    Project Images

  • Work

    Univoice Blind

    Solution to support low vision people with voice code
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    A dedicate application for low vision peoples.
    Univoice Blind Project

    Pakage: IOS Application

    Development: ObjC

    Video Link: Link To Video Demo

    App Link: Link To Appstore


    A dedicate application for low vision peoples. Instead of reading the content, they can scan the special code Univoice Code and then the application will speak out the content inside the code.

    Next Plan

    Navigation instruction with special navigation devices beside GPS
    Voice control to search for notes.

    Project Images


  • Work

    Mana Beam

    Role yourself as a Superman with new look and ability of raise laser from eyes.
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    Mana Beam

    Campaign application, allow User play Super man role with virtual hair and mana beam effect from eyes in real time through front camera of mobile.
    Mana Beam project

    Pakage: Android/IOS Application

    Development: ObjC, Java


    Campaign application, allow User play Super man role with virtual hair and mana beam effect from eyes in real time through front camera of mobile

    Project Images

  • Work

    Play Platium

    Try on Ring in real time with hand shape detection
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    Application allow User see yourself try wearing virtual Ring in real time.
    Play Platium Camera Project

    Pakage: IOS Application

    Development: ObjC

    Demo Link: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/play-platinum-camera


    Application allow User see yourself try wearing virtual Ring in real time through mobile camera and then take photo to share to friends by SNS channels.

    Project Images


  • Work

    PENGUIN 16

    Project management tool
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    Project Management Tool

    Pakage: Web Application

    Development: .Net, MSSQL, AngularJS

    Demo link: Penguin16


    Internal tool use in company to manage Projects. This tool have all you need to manage project like resource management, project management, task management, plan management,...

    Project Images


  • Work

    Hirose FX

    Rich tool for foreign exchange margin trading
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    Hirose Fx Slide

    A very rich Client application for foreign exchange margin trading in Japan.
    Hirose Fx projects

    Pakage: Multi platforms client application

    Development: .Net, ObjC for Mac, ObjC for IOS, Java, Angular 2

    Demo Link: http://hirose-fx.co.jp


    A very rich Client application for foreign exchange margin trading in Japan. The application support multi platforms from Mobile application (iPhone, iPad, Android), Desktop application (Mac, Windows) to Web application.

    Project Images








There are many aspects that we think make SK-GLOBAL good at what it does but none more so than the people that work for us.
Let us introduce you . . .
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I love Vietnamese food, Vietnamese culture and especially Vietnamese people, that’s why I have decided to start up my own company in Vietnam after 12 years working in Vietnam IT company with Vietnamese people.
My dream is to generate as many solutions as possible which can assist and connect people in the world and change the meaning of “Made in Vietnam” .

Kaz Iwai
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Hi, I’m passionate about Food, Cooking & Programming.
Like food, I love to create Application with full of joy, colorful and tasty.
The application can help everybody, the application I love to create.

Nguyen Chu
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My name is Binh Bui, and I’m a (near) full stack developer working out of and residing in the Ho Chi Minh city, Viet Nam.
I am largely a Java developer, but have knowledge in the frontend world as well.
During my freetime I enjoy gym, swimming and watching movie.

Binh Bui
Java 80%
Software Design 70%
Software Testing 50%
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When the first time I started as developer, actually, I don’t like this job.
But after I am familiar with coding, I feel I like this job.
Until now, after 6 years as developer, I like to be an architect of a project.
I don’t like to know deeply about one programming language, but I want know all techniques, compare advantage/disadvantage betweem them.
I am picky in working but I am open-minded in social, I like sport : footbal, badminton, chess; I like to read books….

Khanh Le
.Net 100%
Android 80%
Javascript 50%
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I’m a developer, pretty sure about that!

Giang Pham
IOS Application 100%
Javascript% 70%
Android 50%
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Work as a software developer over 2 years. And until now, I feel so lucky because this first job is also the most inspiring job I love.
My quote: always smile even on the most miserable winter morning, and can adjust without problems to virtually any changes which occur in your life.

Luan Tran
Java 80%
Software Design 70%
Software Testing 50%
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Being a software developer is what I want when I was a child. And now I have been a developer for more than 3 years.
It’s always great when you do what you like. My strongest skill and the most favorite job is developing mobile application, include iOS and Android application.
Beside, I have developed some website project, so I have some experience about front-end and back-end. I want my knowledge not only deep but also wide.
Without work, I like soccer and photography. If you have same interests, contact me and we will have great time together.

Phuoc Ngo
IOS Appication 100%
Android 70%
Javascript 50%
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Hi! I’m Vu. My favorite is programming and traveling. New technology is attractive to me and… the technology have applied to life is destination.
More time for coding and more time for my family because all most my idea from my family and my friends.
Sharing experiences is my hobby. Contact to me when your freedom 🙂

Vu Le
Java 80%
.Net 50%
Software Design 60%
Javascript 50%
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My name is Dung. I am passionate about design and i am always looking for new things to do and learn as a result of this. I think that there have always some other secrets of good design.

Dung Pham
Photoshop 80%
Illustrator 70%
Indesign 50%
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You will find me to be a positive, motivated and hard-working person who is ready to learn and contribute. Given the opportunity, I would apply myself with enthusiasm to all tasks, ensuring that I get the job done accurately and efficiently.

Quynh Anh Ngo
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“When I was a little boy, i have had a crush on computer not only for gaming but also computer programming. And now, I am looking forward to becomming mobile developer”.

Khoa Mai
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Hi, I’m a dream boy who falling in love with technology and programming. As a developer, I always challenge myself to find the best sollution for any problem. I also want to become an expert in Javascript and in one day, I’ll make me proud, I promise.

Quyen Pham
Javascript 60%
ReactJS 70%
NodeJS 50%
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“Although becoming a developer is only one of my desires, my life is more and more amazing. I know what needs to be done and I am ready, willing and able to make it happen.”

Thao Phan
HTML5/CSS3 60%
Javascript 40%
ReactJS 50%
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“Hi, My name is Phuc, i’m a Junior iOS developer, I love technology and programming, i want to know almost about modern technology, robot, artificial intelligence,… i like to learn as much as possible about the iOS platform, and it’s my dream job”.

Phuc Tran
iOS Application 100%
React Native 50%
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“Since my phone is my ‘best friend’ so I am interested in discovering how mobile applications work and and how to develop them. I am taking advantage of every chance to learn and gain experience and willing to challenge myself in different aspects.”

Diep Nguyen
Android Application 70%
Java 50%
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Hi, I'm Ngoc.
Gernerous, positive and friendly.
Love reading and traveling. Love Japan.

Ngoc Tran
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Hello there, I'm Hieu - UI/UX Designer at SK-Global. My goal is not just to deliver a good visual design but also a great user experience.
And what can I say? I really love what I am doing!

Hieu Cao
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Hi, i'm Nam Anh, I'm a newbie, everything with me is completely new, being a boy, I want to overcome all challenges in the field of programming by my own strength,I want to rub to improve myself, and develop myself more.

Nam Anh Doan
Android Java 60%
Kotlin 30%
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Hi, My name is Thong, a Python developer. Most of my working time is looking at app log.

Thong Tran
Python 80%
JS 20%
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Huy Bui

Hi, My name is Huy. I’m IOS developer. I love techology and special one is programing applications.

Huy Bui
IOS Application 90%



Spring Knowledge Consultant INC


Spring Knowledge Lab INC


Marika Cafe




Senior/Middle Women Developer
Working place: Okinawa, Japan


What will you do

  • Developing, testing and debugging for Web or Mobile system, especially AI related.
  • Researching new technology & sharing your knowledge with Japanese members
  • Training your technical skill to Japanese fresh engineers.
  • Planning and suggesting new apps and services


  • Salary: JPY 140,000 ~ (Gross) * Negotiable for Higher level.
  • Annual bonus based on your performance result after the annual salary review
  • Overtime fee.
  • At least 3 months training in HCMC (SKG office) in advance as a probation term
  • Japanese language training in HCMC before going to Japan
  • Stay 1 ~ 2 years in Nago city in Okinawa , Japan
  • Work with SK-Lab Dev Team (http://sk-lab.co.jp/) at Nago City
  • After returning to Vietnam , you can continue working in SK-Global , HCMC
  • Social Insurance according to Japan regulations
  • Support getting VISA or transportation to Japan
  • Support accommodation and transportation in Nago City


Passion for working together with people who has different culture is a must.
  • Must be women.
  • At least 2 years of experience in Javascript and Python development
  • At least good at one technology is compulsory
  • Fluent English (at least reading/writing)
  • We expect candidates to proactively teach your skill to others
  • We welcome cheerful women
  • Fluent Japanese is a plus
  • Experience in AI or data science is a plus

How to apply

Send CV via email: recruit@sk-global.biz

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